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Small muscles of a vulva and muscles of a body and horns of a uterus, intestines do not lag behind them. At men the muscles lifting a penis, and muscular fibres semjavynosja-shchih ways join. Simultaneously with it the muscles of all body are convulsively reduced. At the stronger Kiev sex escort an orgasm kiev girls starting point one. It is a penis. Especially strongly raise its friction of sensitive points of edges of a head and cover compression, first of all at the basis (a point And on the scheme). At women as explosion epicentre the mouth can serve, to a breast, back pass, or vaginas. The doctrinaire long proceeded disputes on what of these zones should be on the first place in pleasure. Freud known and the misogynist, in every possible way eulogised a vagina and belittled. Ultrafeminists, on the contrary, sing hymns у as the body, allowing to do without assistance in orgasm achievement, and pour contempt over a vagina that it serves for satisfaction of Kiev sex escort requirements of hated males. However, today all at last has cleared up. Ukrainian escort girl is only an orgasm as that, that is rhythmic reductions of corresponding muscles. Also Ukrainian escort girl are two starting points equal in rights which define, Ukraine escort girl to name an orgasm, possesses all signs of the basic erogenous zone. It is supplied by a considerable quantity of capsules of Krauze, and also bodies. The orgasm can achieve, irritating with fingers (it is independent or during mutual caresses) or a mouth (it can only the partner). To reach it by means of a penis (a direct touch or at the expense of movement of small Kiev sex escort lips), apparently, it would be Ukrainian escort girl inconvenient. Vagina - too a typical erogenous zone. Its pockets richly иннервированы, and on a forward wall of the bottom third the known point is located. It is exactly in five centimetres from an entrance aperture and is extremely sensitive to strong pressure. It was opened by Grafenberg in 1950. And in 1982 the independent Kiev escort girls have defined its functional value. One more. The site responsible for achievement of an orgasm, it gradually. In an orgasm can result also caresses of nipples or a kiss on the lips. But the mechanism of this phenomenon is not known. At men the orgasm is expressed in involuntary reductions of muscles is already irreversible, irrevocable". Rhythmic reductions gain in strength, and Ukrainian escort girl the man, nor the woman escort cannot influence events any more. Discharge Muscles of genitals, a basin, all body relax. Begins gradual, very much. Slow outflow of blood from is complicated or impossible. Women, on the contrary, are capable to test some orgasms successively or with small intervals. However, it concerns only "mul-tiorgazmicheskih" women. Such discrepancy between a man's and Kiev escort orgasm can be overcome easily. For this purpose "internal caresses" also serve. As it is possible to caress. I do not do distinction between man's and Kiev escort zones of the third circle for two essential reasons. First, because among them Ukrainian escort girl are no sensitive sites, kiev escorts models characteristic only for one certain floor, and Ukrainian escort girl are no differences in susceptibility distribution to touches. Secondly, meaningly considering sensitivity of corresponding zones of women and men in the uniform description, I Ukrainian escort girl aspire to help. To men to get rid from imposed by it a society of the reservation and to promote free display and development of their sensuality. It is necessary, that people at last have understood that the man's susceptibility to caresses at all does not concede the Kiev escort. It will approach the end sensual men. Position of representatives of both floors at Kiev sex escort contacts will be counterbalanced elite Ukraine escorts. Sometimes rapprochement of bodies excites much more, than the most refined caresses. It is enough to nestle on darling to feel, as the delight wave rises in us, and to feel unknown inflow of forces. Such touch is perceived, as one infinite caress. The human body possesses huge power. The aged articles hugging at night young Kiev escort girls used it in due time.